Pyrography & Woodburning Tips & Tutorials:

Burning Hummingbird Feathers

Burning Hummingbird Feathers In this video I share a quick and easy technique for burning hummingbird feathers. This process is important because it will help keep delicate feathers from disappearing into the wood while still maintaining their fine appearance. By … Continued

How to Woodburn Long Lines and Curves

The secret to burning long clean lines and curves In this video I want to share with you how to woodburn long lines and curves from a course I am developing right now.  I really want to share this with … Continued

How to Wood Burn Hair on a Mermaid

  In this video I share with you how to woodburn hair on a mermaid. I will show you how to break down the hair into sections and locks so that it has movement and looks realistic. The reason this … Continued

How to Woodburn an Eagle Part 1

  In this video I share with you how to woodburn an eagle. This first of two videos covers burning the torso and also beginning to lay out the basic structure of the wing where it stretches out from the … Continued

How to Burn a Flying Bald Eagle

In this video I show you a few different techniques for burning a flying bald eagle. From burning the light feathers on the white head, to creating texture in the dark areas. I also cover lights and shadows, contouring and … Continued

How To Burn a White Beard on Santa

Burning white on white in either beards or hair can get “hairy” (pardon the pun). It can be visually confusing and result in a final image that doesn’t quite look right. In this video I take you step by step … Continued

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