How to Burn Realistic Cat Fur with Layers

How to Burn Realistic Cat Fur with Layers

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How to Burn Realistic Cat Fur by Using Layers

In this video I share how to use layers to create realism and depth so you can learn how to burn realistic cat fur. This is important because it creates the illusion of depth and texture while maintaining values and markings.

In this video I will show you how to use your shader to apply markings that resemble fur and leave a foundational texture to build on. This is important because many times people use the shader to “iron” on color and flatten the wood leaving a muddy surface that is difficult to burn over and create the necessary texture for realism.


I go over how to burn so that the surface has form and looks realistic. This is important because if not done properly your animal will appear flat and unnatural.

Tools and Materials

I am woodburning this example on Birch Ply and using a Colwood SRS bent shader and Colwood J small skew with a Colwood Galaxy rheostat.


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    purple finger nail polish? lol. as always i enjoy your insights. in florida but laid up, cant do anything as i have to stay in bed for a few days, ulcer on the leg.

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      LOL! Great video and all you see is my nail polish? You are funny Terry.

      So sorry to hear about your leg. At least you are warm and toasty in Florida. Get a good tan so you can show off when you get back.

      Watch for more nail polish colors, I went shopping with my granddaughter and she is a connoisseur of color, I now have about 8 crazy wild fun colors to show off (she will be upset if I don’t wear them).


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