Burning Crashing Surf

Burning Crashing Surf

Burning Crashing Surf

In this video I share my techniques for burning crashing surf with both a wire tip pen and a solid point single temperature pen. I go over where to burn and how to burn so that the foam and spray have a realistic look. This is important because if not done properly your surf will appear stiff and unnatural. I am burning crashing surf on my pattern Treacherous Escape from my Ships Masterclass Workbook which you can purchase HERE.

Tools and Materials

I am woodburning this image on Birch Ply and using both a Colwood SRS bent shader with a Galaxy rheostat a Walnut Hollow Single temperature woodburning tool with a universal tip.

Burn Your Own Version of This Project

This pattern is from my upcoming Ships Masterclass which contains a number of original Sailing Ship designs to work from (due out mid March 2017). You can find it on my store at https://www.burningwithsharon.com/shop/

Learn to Burn

For more information on pyrography and learning to burn be sure to sign up for my free burning video series at http://www.FreeBurningVideos.com

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  1. millie paul
    | Reply

    hi i love your work i want to put on gourds but i cant find the rights shader that you use to do feather and im about to buy colwood burner and need your input. millie

    • Sharon Bechtold
      | Reply

      Try a spoon shader instead for gourds, it may work better on the curved surface.

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