Burning Hummingbird Feathers

Burning Hummingbird Feathers

Burning Hummingbird Feathers

In this video I share a quick and easy technique for burning hummingbird feathers.

This process is important because it will help keep delicate feathers from disappearing into the wood while still maintaining their fine appearance. By using a shader to lightly drag from the tip toward the root of the feather you can define the edges without losing detail.

In order to execute this technique properly you will want to keep your heat low and your pressure very light. This will give you time to make your mark without eliminating important details.

I also share a little trick to evaluate your burnings BEFORE you apply a finish. By spritzing water on the wood you will get a better idea of how any finish may impact your burning. This helps avoid surprises where your burns are too light.

Tools and Resources

In this video I am burning on Box Elder wood and using a Colwood SRS Shader with a Colwood Galaxy unit.

This pattern is from my new workbook Hummingbird Masterclass which contains a number of original hummingbird designs to work from.

With this Hummingbird Masterclass Workbook (Download) you will have everything you need to begin woodburning realistic looking hummingbirds right away. Get immediate access to your workbook and print it out today, no shipping fees or waiting!

  • Detailed step by step comprehensive 48 page workbook with full color photographs and clear written instructions.
  • Complete collection of 8 unique stunning patterns with 9 distinct poses and full rights to use them in your projects!
  • EXTRA Bonus – Four Close up Videos (Including this one) to guide you through the process and show you exactly what you need to know – with private links so you can download them and watch whenever you want. (I’ve kept them super short – because I want you to burn not watch)

You can find the Masterclass Package here 

Eager to learn more? Check out my FREE burning video series at http://www.FreeBurningVideos.com

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  1. jose manuel
    | Reply

    I bought the pdf hummingbird + masterclass…. but only the pdf and nothing about videos, is it correct?

    • Sharon Bechtold
      | Reply

      Hi Jose,

      Please check your email. I sent you the links for the video downloads. Sorry about the confusion and thank you for alerting me to this issue, it has been resolved. Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions.

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