Pyrography Design Principles Archives - Burning With Sharon

Burning Crashing Surf In this video I share my techniques for burning crashing surf with both a wire tip pen and a solid point single temperature pen. I go over where to burn and how to burn so that the foam … Read More

  In this video I share some tips for using artistic composition to make the most out of a Sailing Ship pyrograph. I cover how to change a burning when you have realized it needs something more (or less) and … Read More

  In this video I share with you how to woodburn hair on a mermaid. I will show you how to break down the hair into sections and locks so that it has movement and looks realistic. The reason this … Read More

In this video I demonstrate how to capture a bend in a branch that is coming toward the viewer and then turning. This is a seemingly confusing concept that can be dealt with easily with a few simple techniques.

In this video I discuss the age-old question of outlining in woodburning. Why would you outline? When is it helpful? How do you approach it so that it looks natural? Watch this video to find out!

In this article I want to chat a bit about storytelling through composition.  Woodburning is about storytelling… all art is.  A good woodburning is not just a static image, it tells a story. A good woodburning will engage the viewer … Read More A powerful burning is a visual story. Humans are natural storytellers, in fact we live our lives based on the stories we choose to believe. Good artwork also tells a story and in this video I share some … Read More