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  In this video I share with you how to woodburn hair on a mermaid. I will show you how to break down the hair into sections and locks so that it has movement and looks realistic. The reason this … Read More

In this video I show and explain an alternative to traditional shading that is very forgiving and a lot of fun. This is a longer video and the example is done in real time. To get started and learn to … Read More

In this video I show how to create realistic looking locks of hair that have movement and shine. This technique can be used both for human hair and longer animal hair such as horse mane or longer dog hair.

Burning realistic looking human hair is easier than you might think. In this article I will show you step-by-step how to burn soft realistic looking hair.   Begin burning in the hair at the root area. Use your skew and begin … Read More

  Necks are a notorious challenge to most artists. There is a tendency to simplify the division between the head and neck with a simple line. And this line, if not placed EXACTLY right, and if not the EXACT shape, … Read More This video demonstrates the techniques I use to burn longer hair. It also muses on beginnings and endings. Most of my artwork teaches me lessons on life and also gives me new insights on what is occuring from … Read More A powerful burning is a visual story. Humans are natural storytellers, in fact we live our lives based on the stories we choose to believe. Good artwork also tells a story and in this video I share some … Read More