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In this video I share my techniques for adding color to your seascape pyrography. I go over where to burn and how to burn so that the foam and spray have a realistic look. This is important because if not … Read More

Burning Crashing Surf In this video I share my techniques for burning crashing surf with both a wire tip pen and a solid point single temperature pen. I go over where to burn and how to burn so that the foam … Read More

  In this video I share some tips for using artistic composition to make the most out of a Sailing Ship pyrograph. I cover how to change a burning when you have realized it needs something more (or less) and … Read More

Burning Hummingbird Feathers In this video I share a quick and easy technique for burning hummingbird feathers. This process is important because it will help keep delicate feathers from disappearing into the wood while still maintaining their fine appearance. By … Read More

Not everything needs to be planned ahead of time. Sometimes beautiful artwork can arise by following inspiration. In this article I will share with you my own journey into inspiration and play and the design that resulted from it. While … Read More

In this video I show you how I use markers to get amazing color effects without covering the grain of the wood. To learn more about pyrography sign up for my FREE Burning Basics video series.

I probably should have titled this article with something more “keyword” intensive. Something more likely to be found by search engines. Something to increase traffic to my site. I declined the “wise” course, because I felt it was more important … Read More

  Grain can make or break your burnings. I initially established my reputation in pyrography by incorporating grain into my compositions. I used prominent grain to create a secondary pattern that supported my realistic images. It was a fun and … Read More

I don’t know about you, but I’m not always in the mood for a big project. So, how about a small project that adds a little something to an existing item? A turning, an unfinished cabinet, or tray are perfect … Read More

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