Getting Un-Stuck – Dealing with UFO’s (Un Finished Objects)

Use this list when you have a project that is hovering around unfinished and you don’t know what to do with it.

1) Have I learned all I can from this project? (technique, mistakes, etc.)
YES – If you have overworked it to death it may be time to say goodbye and bury it.
NO – It is probably ruined anyway so get crazy and try out those “long shot” techniques. Get all the mileage you can out of it!

2) Am I holding on because I spent money or time on this and feel guilty?
YES – Guilt is a lousy form of inspiration – in fact it is not inspiration at all! It is more of a large rock around your neck. Cut it loose and move on!
NO – Why are you still considering doing it? Tap into your reason, pump yourself up, and get to work!

3) Am I clueless as to what to do next?
YES – Find others that know how to burn (don’t ask people who are equally clueless) and ask for feedback. Facebook has a number of great groups that are always glad to help. Post an image and let people know how you feel about it and see if anyone can give you a fresh perspective that you would like to try.
NO – Give yourself a good pep talk and decide on how to attack that scary next step. Ask for support if you need it and get to work!

Download a PDF of this Checklist Below

UFO checklist PDF Download

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