How to Burn a Wolf or Dog Nose

How to Burn a Wolf or Dog Nose

In this video I demonstrate how to create a smooth leathery look of a dog or wolf nose complete with reflections and realistic nostrils.

NOTE: this is a small excerpt from my in depth videos on How to burn Mammals from my Burning Academy course Pyrography Intensive.

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  1. Ronnie
    | Reply

    I really do enjoy your tutorials and think you are a very talented Lady! but you never tell the make and shading point you are using. I use a Razertip unit and cannot see a tip like the one you are using in there armoury! I would appreciate it if you would tell me the unit you are using!!
    Kind regards Ronnie

    • Sharon Bechtold
      | Reply

      Hi Ronnie,

      On this video I am using the Colwood SRS pen. I believe there is an adapter so you can use it on a Razertip unit. You can find a full line of pens on Colwood’s site.


  2. Wayne Paterson
    | Reply

    Howdy Sharon,

    Thanks for the nose lesson. Eyes and noses seem to be my biggest enemy at this time but, I keep plugging away.


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