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  1. Carla Cox
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    Watched the video and once again impressed with the delivery and information that you present so vividly that I am always inspired to grab my burner and wood and try it. Mine are not as smooth but I haven’t practiced this enough but I will. Great idea, great information, so well done, how can it not be a hit. Multiple thumbs up once again.

    • Sharon Bechtold
      | Reply

      Glad it helped Carla!

  2. Heather Bergquist
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    Finally found the video, Sharon! lol
    Thanks for making it…I get “stitching” now.
    Question – your pointed skew, the one you used in the video…it’s that a Razortip? I don’t remember seeing that one in the catalog. I do not own any skews. I am returning several to Razortip that I’m disappointed in and am going to order the interchangeable one and would like to try that style tip. Happy burning!

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