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  1. Carla Cox
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    Watched the video and once again impressed with the delivery and information that you present so vividly that I am always inspired to grab my burner and wood and try it. Mine are not as smooth but I haven’t practiced this enough but I will. Great idea, great information, so well done, how can it not be a hit. Multiple thumbs up once again.

    • Sharon Bechtold
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      Glad it helped Carla!

  2. Heather Bergquist
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    Finally found the video, Sharon! lol
    Thanks for making it…I get “stitching” now.
    Question – your pointed skew, the one you used in the video…it’s that a Razortip? I don’t remember seeing that one in the catalog. I do not own any skews. I am returning several to Razortip that I’m disappointed in and am going to order the interchangeable one and would like to try that style tip. Happy burning!

  3. Johnnie Popwell Sr.
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    I really enjoy these short videos describing techniques. These video help me see the mechanics of the stroke and how it is applied to the wood. The real advantage is I can now practice these techniques on any piece of scrape wood not wasting valuable materials. Also I can place them on my pattern boards with notes to remember how to make the strokes, i.e. roll the burning pen and not twist it.
    Thanks for all your effort to help people like me become better burners.

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