Bald Eagle in Flight – Online Workshop
Bald Eagle in Flight Online Video Course with Workbook PDF

Woodburn this stunning Eagle in Flight in my comprehensive self-paced  Video workshop.  Through 16 comprehensive videos I teach you how to break down a complex subject and simplify the burning process and discover my unique “smudge” feather burning technique for fast, realistic looking feathers. You will learn to create movement and a three dimensional look to give your bird a life of its own. And develop a rhythm so you can burn quickly, comfortably and enjoy the process. We will also explore special techniques to evaluate your work so you consistently create the best artwork possible.  Patterns, diagrams, checklists, and support are included.

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Hummingbird MasterClass Workbook (Download) with Bonus Videos
Hummingbird MasterClass Workbook (Download) with Bonus Videos

With this Hummingbird Masterclass Workbook (Download) and Bonus Videos you will have everything you need to begin woodburning realistic looking hummingbirds right away. Get immediate access to your workbook and print it out today, no shipping fees or waiting!

  • Detailed step by step comprehensive 48 page workbook with full color photographs and clear written instructions.
  • Complete collection of 8 unique stunning patterns with 9 distinct poses and full rights to use them in your projects!
  • EXTRA Bonus – Four Close up Videos to guide you through the process and show you exactly what you need to know, watch online or download them and watch whenever you want. (I’ve kept them super short – because I want you to burn not watch)
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Woodburning Critique Session
Woodburning Critique Session

In a critique you submit images of your project for professional guidance and suggestions via private video so that you can improve. In the past I have only given critique to current students but due to the number of requests I am now offering individual critiques for single projects.

This is how it works…

  • You email me photos of your project (one project only). You can email me more than one photo if you like, but it must be of the same project.
  • You ask me specifically what you are looking for feedback on.  Remember that this is a critique and not a lesson on “how to do shading” etc.
  • You provide me with a photo of the original image so I can accurately give you feedback.
  • You let me know what type of tools you are using and the wood you are burning on.
  • I will look over the piece based on your questions and record a 15 to 20 minute video with my response.
  • If I have concerns about certain areas I will offer advice as to how to correct them
  • I may also record a short technique demo if there is need or if time allows.
  • I will email you a private link to your video so you can download and view it at your convenience.
  • You may email me afterwards if you need further clarification so that I can answer via email.

Critiques are one of the most valuable component of my courses which is why I include them whenever I can. 

Once you pay, I will contact you via email to invite you to submit your work. I will respond to your submission with your final video within 3 days.

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