Burning Academy – Beyond the Basics (Unit 1 & 2)


Start off right…

This important training is the foundation of my Burning Training. In these two units I lay the groundwork for all the remaining units. 

In this training you will learn…

  • The Basics – your burning Phd
  • Exercises for mastering your pens
  • How to control shading and values – plus my special tool for maintaining control
  • How to create dimension and form for realism
  • Transfering your patterns and pattern placement
  • How to approach the work
  • Understanding shading, form, value, balance, and process.
  • Exercises, homework assignment, and past student critiques to help you avoid common mistakes.
  • And more!


In these two units you will get…

  • 24 Step by Step Videos (including Burning Basics)
  • 6 worksheets and pattern downloads
  • Comprehensive project workbook
  • Instant lifetime access to membership site (no bulky downloads – access anywhere)
  • Support forum where you can ask questions for more clarity


NOTE: For the best value, purchase this and all the Burning Academy Lessons in the Complete Online Course.  https://www.burningwithsharon.com/product/burning-academy-course-membership/