Burning Academy – Birds and Feathers (Unit 5)


Learn to render birds of all types…

Let your imagination soar with the projects in this unit. Explore an array of both small backyard birds and magestic birds of prey. Learn how to burn with precision, motion, and emotion.

In this training you will learn…

How to render various types of birds
Necessary anatomy and physiology to get realism
What you need to do to create the illusion of movement
Feather techniques for plain and patterned feathers 
Adding color to your burnings
How to control shading and values
How to create dimension and form for realism
Transfering your patterns and pattern placement
How to approach the work
Understanding shading, form, value, balance, and process.
Exercises, homework assignments, and patterns to practice what you learn.

In this training you get…

16 comprehensive Step by step project videos
6 complete patterns to download with assorted birds for practice 
1 comprehensive workbook with step by step instruction to download and print
Instant lifetime access to membership site (no bulky downloads – access online anywhere)
Support forum where you can ask questions for more clarity

IMPORTANT: This unit contains both Flying Bald Eagle and Hummingbird Masterclass Content – Do not purchase if you already own these.

NOTE: For the best value, purchase this and all the Burning Academy Lessons in the Complete Online Course.  https://www.burningwithsharon.com/product/burning-academy-course-membership/