Burning Academy – People and Portraiture (Units 7 and 10)


Learn to render realistic people and burn accurate portraits…

Understanding human anatomy and physiology is key to good portraiture. In these comprehensive units I spend a lot of time explaining structure and drawing so that the student understands what they are seeing and how to burn it with realism. In addition, I cover what makes a good portrait and how to capture features so your burning resembles the subject. Lighting, photography, various approaches are discussed and demonstrated.

IMPORTANT – this training is advanced content and is NOT for beginners. You will need some experience in order to comprehend the training.

In this training you will learn…

How to render the human face
Necessary anatomy and physiology to get realism
What you need to do to create realistic eyes, mouths, noses, hair, etc.
How to use reference photos and how to take them 
How to control shading and values
How to create dimension and form for realism
Transfering your patterns and pattern placement
How to approach the work
Understanding shading, form, value, balance, and process.
Exercises, homework assignment, and patterns to practice what you learn.

In this training you get…

25 comprehensive Step by step videos
5 complete patterns to download with assorted subjects for practice 
1 comprehensive portrait reference collection (includes pet photos for practice too) 
Instant lifetime access to membership site (no bulky downloads – access online anywhere)
Support forum where you can ask questions for more clarity

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