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  1. mahendra
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    Thank you for your short tutorial. I am a beginner in this beautiful artform this way I get to learn a few tricks . only problem is in my country India I get pine and birch ply that too not new , but from scrap yard with nail marks then I have to salvage the good parts. It is difficulty to work on pine , is it correct or am I doing it right .:-) would love to hear from you and thank you once again
    Best wishes from India.

    • Sharon
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      Hi Mahendra,
      Birch ply is not too bad to work with. It is actually quite lovely and I really like the grain patterns.
      Pine is VERY difficult to burn because of the hard and soft grain. You also will have some sap to deal with which can get your pens dirty very fast. It is not impossible to burn but it does take patience. My suggestion with pine is to go with a lower heat – burn for the soft spots and then go over again and touch-up the hard spots. When done right it is very beautiful.
      Hope this helps.
      Sharon 🙂

  2. Gwendolyn
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    I’m a beginner your videos & help a lot.
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge

    • Sharon
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      You are so very welcome!!!!

  3. Tom
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    I have completed a few projects but I am a beginner. I was hesitant to sign up for your free classes but I really enjoyed them and you also have a great deal of information especially for beginners in you class samples. I plan to purchase some of your video lessons. Thanks I learned a great deal already and I enjoy your emails.
    My only request would be more on burning leaves, trees, grasses. I like to do natural scenery burnings. I usually draw a pattern based on ideas from other drawings and then burn them.

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