Sailing Ship Pyrography Correcting Composition

Sailing Ship Pyrography Correcting Composition


In this video I share some tips for using artistic composition to make the most out of a Sailing Ship pyrograph. I cover how to change a burning when you have realized it needs something more (or less) and have to make corrections.


In this video I am burning on Birch Ply and using a Walnut Hollow Single temperature woodburning tool with a universal tip.

Pattern Info

This pattern is from my upcoming Ships Masterclass which contains a number of original Sailing Ship designs to work from.  You can find it in my store. 

I hope you enjoy this little lesson. For more information on pyrography and learning to burn be sure to sign up for my free burning video series at



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  1. Joan Forest Mage
    | Reply

    Lou Conte of Hubbard Street Dance Chicago once said, “You know the difference between an advanced dancer and a professional? A professional knows how to cover their mistakes.”

    • Sharon Bechtold
      | Reply

      How true!

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