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  Grain can make or break your burnings. I initially established my reputation in pyrography by incorporating grain into my compositions. I used prominent grain to create a secondary pattern that supported my realistic images. It was a fun and … Read More

  Necks are a notorious challenge to most artists. There is a tendency to simplify the division between the head and neck with a simple line. And this line, if not placed EXACTLY right, and if not the EXACT shape, … Read More

  There is a common misconception in burning circles, that there is ONE BEST way to burn fur. This misconception unfortunately creates mediocre results in virtually all attempts at rendering a realistic burning. Why? Because you are NOT burning fur! … Read More

Use this list when you have a project that is hovering around unfinished and you don’t know what to do with it. 1) Have I learned all I can from this project? (technique, mistakes, etc.) YES – If you have … Read More

I love woodburning because it is fast! Using simple techniques you can achieve quick results with rich detail. In this short video I give you a step-by-step overview of the process of burning my Cheetah pattern.      

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