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Burning Hummingbird Feathers In this video I share a quick and easy technique for burning hummingbird feathers. This process is important because it will help keep delicate feathers from disappearing into the wood while still maintaining their fine appearance. By … Read More

In this video I share with you how to woodburn the wing feathers on an eagle. This second of two videos covers burning the feathers in the outstretched wings. The reason this is important is because woodburning detail in an … Read More

  In this video I share with you how to woodburn an eagle. This first of two videos covers burning the torso and also beginning to lay out the basic structure of the wing where it stretches out from the … Read More

In this video I show you a few different techniques for burning a flying bald eagle. From burning the light feathers on the white head, to creating texture in the dark areas. I also cover lights and shadows, contouring and … Read More

In this video I will show and explain step by step how to woodburn realistic looking patterned chest feathers on a mallard duck. To get started and learn to burn right now sign up for my FREE Burning Basics Video … Read More

I probably should have titled this article with something more “keyword” intensive. Something more likely to be found by search engines. Something to increase traffic to my site. I declined the “wise” course, because I felt it was more important … Read More

Quality of Line   Problem: The lines are too heavy, dark or long. This gives your bird the appearance of having fur instead of feathers. Solution: Using a flat razor blade, gently scrape the surface of your burning to lighten … Read More