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In this video I share with you how to woodburn the wing feathers on an eagle. This second of two videos covers burning the feathers in the outstretched wings. The reason this is important is because woodburning detail in an … Read More

In this video I show you a few different techniques for burning a flying bald eagle. From burning the light feathers on the white head, to creating texture in the dark areas. I also cover lights and shadows, contouring and … Read More

In this video I show and explain an alternative to traditional shading that is very forgiving and a lot of fun. This is a longer video and the example is done in real time. To get started and learn to … Read More

In this video I show how to create realistic looking locks of hair that have movement and shine. This technique can be used both for human hair and longer animal hair such as horse mane or longer dog hair.

Follow along as I demonstrate how to begin a large format woodburned tiger. If you have enjoyed this video and would like to learn more be sure to check out my FREE Burning Basics video series be sure to visit … Read More

Not everything needs to be a gruesome struggle. Some things like a gentle breeze on a hot summer day  are joyful in their simplicity. In this article I will share one of my favorite techniques to create quick, fun and … Read More

In this article I want to chat a bit about storytelling through composition.  Woodburning is about storytelling… all art is.  A good woodburning is not just a static image, it tells a story. A good woodburning will engage the viewer … Read More

  Turtles, frogs and ‘gators – Oh My!  These beautifully patterned and intricately textured animals can pose a challenge for the pyrographer. Changes in surfaces if not handled well can create an unrealistic and lifeless burning. In this article I … Read More

  There is a common misconception in burning circles, that there is ONE BEST way to burn fur. This misconception unfortunately creates mediocre results in virtually all attempts at rendering a realistic burning. Why? Because you are NOT burning fur! … Read More

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