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How to Burn Smooth Shading for Dog Fur In this video I share my techniques for burning smooth short hair on dogs with a shader pen. From chihuahuas to pugs, this technique also works for horses and even human portrait … Read More

In this video I share my techniques for adding color to your seascape pyrography. I go over where to burn and how to burn so that the foam and spray have a realistic look. This is important because if not … Read More

Burning Hummingbird Feathers In this video I share a quick and easy technique for burning hummingbird feathers. This process is important because it will help keep delicate feathers from disappearing into the wood while still maintaining their fine appearance. By … Read More

The secret to burning long clean lines and curves In this video I want to share with you how to woodburn long lines and curves from a course I am developing right now.  I really want to share this with … Read More

In this video I share with you how to woodburn the wing feathers on an eagle. This second of two videos covers burning the feathers in the outstretched wings. The reason this is important is because woodburning detail in an … Read More

In this video I show you how I use markers to get amazing color effects without covering the grain of the wood. To learn more about pyrography sign up for my FREE Burning Basics video series.

In this video I demonstrate some cloud burning techniques. I also get into a bit of perspective and the physics of atmosphere. It is a longer video but packed with some really valuable stuff. (Warning: my family was really noisy … Read More