Woodburning Tools & supplies

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Here is my list of Pyrography Tools…

Colwood Pens: MC, B2, LRW or SRW, J or D, and SRS
I recommend Colwood units – mainly the Detailer but the Cub and Galaxy are good too.
Chacopaper for transfer
My preferred woods – Basswood, Italian Poplar, Birch and Aspen. There are many others too, please check for safety before burning as many woods are toxic. 
To purchase tools and wood you can visit www.thewoodcraftshop.com they are my supplier and will take good care of you too.
*** Please understand that there are many good manufacturers and many brands of professional burning tools. These are the ones I use and like, it does not mean other tools are not equally good. Find a distributor you can trust and who will service and stand behind the tools you buy from them.