How to Woodburn Long Lines and Curves

How to Woodburn Long Lines and Curves

The secret to burning long clean lines and curves

In this video I want to share with you how to woodburn long lines and curves from a course I am developing right now.  I really want to share this with you because this is not a woodburning technique I’ve ever seen demonstrated before. And I’ve never taught this before because it never occurred to me that it was important.

In the process of teaching this pyrography class I realized that some of the problems people can experience with woodburning long lines and curves cleanly comes from where they are placing their attention. For example in woodburning everything in pyrography is timing. If you hesitate you burn a blob. So timing is super critical and this little woodburning hack will help you to minimize those hesitations in longer lines and curves. Even the hesitations that are so subtle that you don’t notice them.

The technique…

In this video I will share with you why it’s really important  that you want to watch where you are going and not where you have been especially when burning long lines and curves. In other words, as I’m burning in one spot I’m not watching where I’m burning because by the time I see it – I’m already done with it. Instead I’m watching where I’m going.

As I’m burning if my pen is going here, I’m not looking here, I’m looking a little bit ahead so I know where it’s going. Because where it is now is where it has been – otherwise what tends to happen is that you hesitate and you get blobs, blobs, blobs. And those blobs are a result of where you are looking.

When you shift your focus you are burning in one spot but focusing just a bit ahead of where you are going. You are still going to see the pen in your peripheral vision. But what you want to do is anticipate where you are burning. You want to intentionally anticipate where you are burning. Like when you are driving, you are intentionally planning where you are going, you are aware of where you are going, you still know where you are at because of peripheral vision. 

This video is an excerpt from my Ships Masterclass. This is an interactive course that I offer, for more information contact me here.

I hope you enjoy this little lesson. For more information on pyrography and learning to burn be sure to sign up for my free burning video series at

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