How to Woodburn Ocean Waves

How to Woodburn Ocean Waves

How to Woodburn Ocean Waves

 In this video I show how to woodburn ocean waves with foam with both a wire tip pen and a solid point single temperature pen.

I go over where to burn and how to burn so that the waves have shape and suggest the correct form. I also cover how to blend the different areas of the water so that the waves transition from foam to trough to swells and whitecaps and look like they are supposed to.


I am burning on Birch Ply and using both a Colwood SRS bent shader with a Galaxy rheostat a Walnut Hollow Single temperature woodburning tool with a universal tip.

Pattern Shown

This pattern is from my upcoming Ships Masterclass which contains a number of original Sailing Ship designs to work from (due out mid March 2017).  You can find it on my store at

For more information on pyrography and learning to burn be sure to sign up for my free burning video series at

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    I am really touched and happy to be able to count on your help, I need to know more about the art of pyrogenesis. I’m motivated, and very excited to be able to become a pyrographer. I’m counting on your help. For this praiseworthy attitude I pray to the heavens to be quite happy in your life.
    Thank you

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